This is Self Love Sessions Digital:
...The Program Performing Miracles!
The 6-Module Life-Changing Life-Long Access Course
that guarantees Unconditional Self LOVE!
Lifelong Access for Just $333
(Payment Plan Available)
Self-Love Sessions Digital is a 6-Module Self-Love Mentoring Program hosted 100% online by Gracie! 

Based on the highly successful live Self Love Sessions holistic workshop experience, this online course takes a Sisterhood of goddesses just like you through a holistic Mind, Body, Spirit self-love transformation.

Previously a 6-week live coaching program, Self Love Sessions has been adapted into a LIFE-CHANGING, LIFE-LONG Access 6-Module Course for you to OWN - forever!

Each module dives into a new Self Love Subject delivered through a range of healing and inspiring content, all to be experienced alongside your Self Love Sisters whom you can connect with via the exclusive online community page. That’s right – self-love does NOT need to be a lonely journey!

This is (finally) Self-Love as it should be – fun, uplifting, healing, inspiring, and SERIOUSLY transformational!
Self Love is THE most POWERFUL personal development work to perform.

Because ALL POSITIVE EXPERIENCES require our KNOWING that we are DESERVING of them.
Lifelong Access for just $333
(Payment Plan Available)
  • Learn how to practically apply the 3 Steps to Self Love
  •  Transform limiting thought patterns and belief systems
  • Release negative emotions and heal past trauma
  • Develop mental resilience to ease stress & anxiety
  • Access a higher sense of day-to-day fulfillment
  • Develop a greater sense of your life's purpose and direction
  • Learn how to be deliberate and discerning with the energy you embody
  •  Feel more in control of the external conditions of your life experience
  • Connect with your body like never before
  • Discover the root cause of body image blocks
  • Understand physical healing from a holistic perspective
  •  Heal your relationship with food and your body
  • Learn the practices of Conscious Communication and Infinite Intimacy
  • Develop deeper connections with others by developing a deeper connection with Self
  • Identify and break toxic patterns of attraction and behaviour within all relationships
  •  Improve the quality of every relationship in your life - including romantic partners, friends, family and coworkers
  • Spirituality 101: Develop a practical understanding of what Spirituality means 
  • Discover new and engaging ways to raise your vibration and align your energy
  • Learn how to create, and stay consistent with, your own spiritual practice
  •  Claim your inherent, innate and infinite worth and power as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
  • Become a clear and open channel for living a divinely guided life by integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Develop a stronger sense of personal identity and integrity by living with Authenticity
  • Dissolve internal abundance blocks to attract prosperity in all areas of life
  •  Tap into your power as the Master Manifestor of your highest possible life experience!
Self Love Sessions Digital offers Life-Changing, Life-Long Access to:
based on Self Love Subjects outlined above

  • Video Module on each Self Love Subject
  •  PDF Workbook on each Self Love Subject to practically apply learnings
  •  Video AND Audio Recording of LIVE 60-minute Self Love Session (group mentoring call)
  •  Video AND Audio Recording of LIVE 15-minute Master-level Reiki Energy Healing (added to the end of each session)
  •  Self-Love Mantra Artwork to save as your wallpaper/share on social/hang on your wall
  •  Access to EXCLUSIVE Self Love Sisterhood Facebook Group where you can support and be supported by your sisters, and where I will personally be checking in to support all of you – dropping weekly Love Bomb coaching videos and hosting monthly LIVE Q&A's (This is where the heartwarming, soul-affirming magic of connection & community comes in to make the experience almost overwhelmingly uplifting!) 
  •  Social Self Love Challenges to get you out of your comfort zone (i.e. fear) & into LOVE!

not available anywhere else, valued at over $2200!

  • Self-Love Listens podcast series ft. holistic wellness experts
  • ​The Self Love Meditation Sessions album; a series of Reiki-charged guided meditations
  • ​Video AND Audio Recordings of every single previous Self Love Sessions group mentoring call since the beginning of the program 
  • ​Hours of Exclusive Video Footage of Live Talks I’ve delivered to  audiences across the country
  • ​Hours of LIVE Workshop Video Recordings, PLUS added workshop resources 
The BEST Investment You Could Ever Make!
...this is where you choose YOU!
Just $333
(Payment Plan Available)
Self Love Sessions Digital is the culmination of all my experience and expertise in holistic MindBodySpirit Self-Love and healing.

I have taken my lifetime of learnings and packaged them up to save you years worth of time and energy in realising YOUR own highest power and potential.

No matter what you need to overcome - self-sabotage, trauma, toxic relationships, eating disorders, physical illness, anxiety, depression, lack mentality, low self-esteem... I've been to the brink of life itself and back again to offer you this fast-tracked experience to living your most authentic and abundant life possible. The breakthroughs that took me 25+ years to achieve are facilitated right here in this program - delivered across SIX POWERUL, LIFE-CHANGING WEEKS of sisterhood and transformation.

I'm SO EXCITED to be able to offer the exact support I needed most, the precise HOLISTIC guidance that genuinely works and creates REAL RESULTS at a CORE level. 

I am so honoured to welcome you here - and home, to you...

Limitless Love,
Gracie xx
The Program Performing MIRACLES...
I was hoping that maybe this would be the final release that I needed from the three years I have spent fighting for my health and conquering the eating disorders that nearly took the physical life from me numerous times, and for so long, took the spiritual life from me. And it was. It was a  
glowing woman telling me it was so perfectly fine to love myself and feel comfortable in my exterior, and how to channel the radiance from within, so I could spend today and the days to follow, in bliss like I DESERVE to. 

THANK YOU for changing my life Gracie, I’ll never be the same, and I’ll now always be free. Keep spreading that motherhecking special energy you’ve got inside of you with others, you’re a gift and a saviour. I’m SO HAPPY to be alive. 

Lucy, 29

Gracie helped me lift so much emotional baggage I didn’t realise I was holding. All the negative questions I asked myself, disappeared. I am loved endlessly by myself.

I encourage you to do this. Open your mind and heart. I promise you will walk out a different person.

Taylor, 26

I am so very happy that I had the pleasure of meeting Gracie and was given the opportunity to work with her. Gracie is an absolute breathe of fresh air,she is a beautiful person, so positive, very knowledgeable, and an absolute inspiration . 
Since I have worked with her my life has changed very much for the better.I now feel like I am grounded, at peace, live my life with a “go with the flow” state of mind, and very excited about what my future has in store for me. I will now and forever continue making steps to take care of myself, mind, body and soul. 
I have enjoyed all I have learnt on this journey, but most important take away is to love myself, and to accept that I am no.1. 
I am so grateful that Gracie came into my life and if any one is thinking of doing Self Love Sessions with Gracie, my advice would be DO NOT HESITATE. GO FOR IT,  
you will not have any regrets. 

Lorraine, 56

Gracie, you are doing God’s work. I can’t imagine how rewarding it must feel to know you are giving people their quality of life back. Since going to your first workshop and now doing the program I feel like I’ve walked out into a new world that’s actually  a kingdom of limitless possibilities and instead  of feeling trapped I feel completely in control  of my happiness and my life! 

Jess, 22

Do I have to complete the course in 6 weeks?
While the program was originally delivered as a live 6-week mentoring experience, it has since been adapted into a 6-module course where all content is consistently available for you to consume at your own pace and convenience, however you wish! This also means your access is LIFE-LONG, and does not expire at the end of 6 weeks. This is the ULTIMATE Self Love resource - that you get to OWN - forever!

Can I purchase it as a gift for someone else?
YES! After purchasing the course, email me at and please provide your purchase details as well as the name and email of the person you have purchased for, and I'll have them set up immediately!

Are there any LIVE coaching calls included?
While the course no longer includes weekly scheduled live mentoring calls, weekly LOVE BOMB coaching videos are shared in the Facebook Sisterhood community, where I also host Monthly Live Q&As where you can directly ask me any questions related to Self Love, life, the course, or ANYTHING at all! I'm SO excited to affirm that you are still receiving interactive, live coaching support throughout your journey!

How much time do I need to invest in the course to see results?
Spending even 5 minutes a week PRESENTLY ABSORBING the material and practically APPLYING in your day-to-day experience WILL shift your energy field and belief systems. My recommendation is that you spend as much time as you feel you need taking it all in - and you do not rush. If you are truly present with the content you are consuming and make the effort to put it into real-life practice, it WILL make an impact. Make the experience your own - you have lifetime ownership of it, after all! What I can promise, is if you work through it in this way, you will be GUARANTEED to emerge in a state of UNCONDITIONAL SELF LOVE!
(Payment Plan Available)
The ULTIMATE resource to help you pivot during this potent time!
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